About Us

Graham Clemow

Lambda Logic Ltd was founded in 1995 by Graham Clemow, its principal consultant and director. Operating from Salisbury in the south of England, we take on projects throughout the United Kingdom. Over the years we have built up a reputation for innovation and established a diverse client list with whom we have developed a close working relationship.

Graham was a keen computer hobbyist and electronics enthusiast from an early age. He gained a first class honours degree in Electrical Sciences at Trinity College, Cambridge, and then went on to head up the hardware engineering department of Torch Computers Ltd where he developed the ground-breaking Triplex X and Quad X Unix computer systems.

Subsequently he worked as a consultant in the Electronic Product Design group at Cambridge Consultants and as a project manager at Pi Research Ltd where he led the team developing the vehicle electronics for the Sauber Formula 1 racing team.

For the past 20 years Graham has been a freelance design consultant.