Our Approach

Here at Lambda Logic we have our own distinctive approach to development. Some of the features which make us different are listed below.


We are innovative and relish finding practical solutions to challenging problems. We can work closely with you to find the best solution for your circumstances.

We have a broad understanding of a wide range of technologies and engineering disciplines which allows us to fully engage in the early stages of the development process. We can make informed recommendations on how best to structure a new design.

Where necessary we can recommend and help define an initial work programme to act as a proof of concept before full engineering development begins.


We recognise that business conditions vary and so product requirements can change during the course of a project. We are flexible and will not rigidly stick to a plan if it no longer meets your needs. At any time during a project you may request changes and we will assess their impact and report on how they affect costs and time-scales. We can then agree a course of action to keep the project on track.

Wherever possible we aim to build flexibility into our designs. So for example we favour designing functionality into field programmable logic such as FPGAs rather than fixing it into hardware, provided this can be achieved within the project constraints.

We are also flexible when it comes to charging for our service. We can work for a fixed fee or we can charge based on time and expenses incurred. We would also consider entering into a joint venture for certain types of project.


We believe in making our designs as simple as possible. So we will aim to meet all your requirements but not add extra “bells and whistles” for the sake of it.

For hardware designs, we aim to keep component counts low to reduce cost and to simplify manufacture.

For firmware and software designs, we aim for a logical and straightforward code structure which is as simple as possible to understand and maintain.


We aim to get our designs right first time. We focus especially on areas where the costs of redesign are high such as electronics hardware and its related PCB design. So we check and recheck everything carefully to maximise the probability that a prototype PCB works first time.

It may take a little longer to get to the prototype stage this way but overall it makes the development times shorter and reduces frustration.


At Lambda Logic we aim to foster a long term relationship with our clients and as part of this we aim for good communication. If we encounter problems, either technical or non-technical, then we will be open about them and keep you fully informed of their impact on the project.

If at any time we believe that one of your objectives is impractical or unachievable we will inform you of this at the earliest opportunity. We can then work together to agree how to get the project back on track.


We want our clients’ projects to be successful and so we are here to provide support in whatever way we can.

Lambda Logic has been operating as a consultancy for over 20 years and we plan to continue for many years to come. So we will be here to provide support for a project long after the initial development is complete.