Case Histories

Over the years we have worked on a diverse range of products and applied our innovative approach to a wide range of technologies. The case histories described below present a sample of our experience.

IP Television Gateway

IP Television Gateway unit

A local broadcast and professional video business came to us with the initial concept for a TV gateway device which could simultaneously receive every digital TV channel from a terrestrial TV aerial and stream them over a Gigabit Ethernet network. To aid configuration, the unit also needed to be a complete “TV in a box” with a small LCD video display, loudspeaker and HDMI, USB, SATA and audio interfaces.

We developed all the electronics and custom software for this product. An innovative low power design of DVB-T tuner and decoders fed MPEG transport streams into a low cost FPGA which handled filtering, buffering and networking. A media processor running Linux managed MPEG decoding for the display and audio and other management tasks. The system was upgradeable in the field via NAND flash devices and also had two CAM interfaces for supporting encrypted content. We managed to develop a high performance system which had a power consumption considerably lower than its competitors.

Radio Frequency ID Reader

A small start-up company asked us to help with the development of the hardware and software for a RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) application for monitoring assets.

We developed all the embedded software for the hand-held tag reader and assisted with the development of the hardware. Due to device limitations, we needed to develop our own simplified RTOS (Real Time Operating System) and drivers for communicating with back office systems using the HTTP protocol.

Video Overlay System

We were approached by a major defence contractor who wanted an in-vehicle system for providing an analogue video overlay for training purposes.

We designed the system around a 32 bit automotive microcontroller and an FPGA for processing the digitised video. We had to meet a demanding power supply specification and a very wide lock-in range for the analogue video phase locked loop (PLL). The design was further complicated by some high current actuators for controlling the optics together with accurate current sensing and opto isolation. The main communications were over the 1553B military data bus and RS485 links.

C++ Data Analytics

The C++ Standard Book

When we were first approached by this client they were a small start-up company operating from a home office but with big ambitions to become a world leader in the data analytics market.

We have helped them over many years by designing and writing C++ software to implement a wide variety of features involved in the processing, conversion, interpretation, representation and storage of data in a plethora of forms.

Our client has now grown to become a major player within their target market, and we are continuing to help them expand their software offering to meet the needs of their worldwide customer base.

Mobile Phone Digital Signal Processor

A small award-winning business specialising in 3D audio technology wanted us to help develop a FPGA prototype for a mobile phone ASIC.

Working closely with their audio experts we managed to develop a novel DSP architecture with a reduced instruction set which closely matched their requirements for surround sound audio. This technology was subsequently successfully incorporated into the ASIC for a mobile phone.