Design Services

At Lambda Logic we design electronics hardware, firmware and software. We can help progress your project from initial design concept through to volume production. We are here to help you in whatever way we can.

Our core design services are electronics hardware, programmable logic such as FPGAs, software in C and C++ and embedded systems.

Electronics Hardware Design

Designing analogue and digital electronics hardware is one of our core skills. We can take a hardware design through the different design stages, such as the initial concept and requirements analysis, the outline and detailed design of the hardware, prototyping and testing, and support for full production.

We can undertake PCB design of any degree of complexity with the more complex designs being subcontracted. We are experienced with all aspects of modern PCB design such as controlling track impedances and lengths for optimum signal integrity. We work closely with our PCB designers to ensure that their design is “right first time” and fully meets all the electrical and mechanical requirements of the project.

The first step for any project is for us to understand your requirements thoroughly. This includes not just the technical specification but also the commercial aspects such as time to market and manufacturing cost. We can then manage our design process accordingly. We are experienced at designing optimised solutions which take many different requirements into account.

Programmable Logic Design

We have been advocates of programmable logic since the first mass market devices appeared in the early 1980s. The design flexibility of these devices can provide big benefits, allowing products to be improved and enhanced throughout the design and manufacturing cycle.

We have experience of all the main device manufacturers (Intel/Altera, Lattice, Microchip/Microsemi/Actel, Xilinx) and a variety of Hardware Description Languages (HDLs) including SystemC, Verilog and VHDL.

We use C/C++ to improve productivity and testability when developing FPGAs. We have developed our own high performance hardware description language, SnapHDL™, which is compatible with C/C++. Designs written in SnapHDL can be simulated directly within a C/C++ test harness allowing the co-simulation of system software and FPGA firmware. An automated tool converts a design in SnapHDL into an equivalent design in Verilog which can then be synthesized into a target device.

Software Design

We write software both for embedded devices and for desktop platforms such as Windows or Linux. Our preferred development languages are C and C++. We have also written a lot of assembly code in the past.

We are experienced in real-time processing and have worked with many different real-time operating systems (RTOSs). We use embedded Linux for applications which require its performance and features but prefer simpler more lightweight RTOSs where practical to reduce power, memory usage and complexity.

We can work within your existing procedures for coding standards, issue tracking, version control and software quality.

Embedded Systems Design

We are experienced at designing complete embedded systems. We can offer a balanced judgement on the best way to partition a design into hardware, FPGA firmware and software in order to meet the objectives of a project.

In addition to our core design skills, we can work with our network of subcontractors to provide a complete product design capability. We have extensive experience of integrating electronic circuits into mechanical housings. We would normally sub-contract any mechanical design or alternatively we can work closely with your in-house design team. We keep you fully informed throughout the design process so that you maintain control of those features which matter to you.

We can produce whatever documentation is required at each stage of design and manufacture. This can vary greatly from project to project. Our software or FPGA firmware designs are always fully documented within the source code. For hardware designs we can supply design specifications, interface specifications, manufacturing instructions, schematics and bills of materials (BOMs).

We can help manufacture your product. Depending on your requirements, we can work with your existing manufacturers or help you identify a new manufacturer to take your product into volume. We have experience with a number of local manufacturers who provide a quality service.